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We believe the best of Minneapolis and St. Paul hasn't reached your farmers' market, grocery store, neighborhood block, and more. We are gathering our community to showcase our collective strength, and introduce new customer bases to phenomenal black-owned business concepts and talented entrepreneurs.
Unlike other market models, we don’t leave out any part of the entrepreneurial experience — welcoming entrepreneurs of all ages and stages. We’ll have makers, service providers, youth entrepreneurs, and elders, all focusing collective energy on economic development. 

Who is behind The New Market? 

The New Market is a collaboration between NEON, Appetite for Change, and was spurred on by Great Streets Minneapolis funding. Big thanks to these great organizations, and the City of Minneapolis!

Why should I participate in the New Market?

The New Market is putting the spotlight on black owned businesses that are already doing great work -- they often just need more customers. We pair smart promotions with our markets that are run simply and smartly, partnering with other great organizations to maximize your following.

We will create a network of black-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, and consumers. This Network manifest in mini-markets, happy hours, popup restaurants, block parties, and more. We will collaborate with entrepreneurs to serve entrepreneurs. The New Market prioritizes cultural space in North Minneapolis and within the black community, creating individual, powerful interactions aimed at circulating more dollars, with less administrative and brick and mortar overhead than traditional retail models. Businesses, professionals, and consumers alike will exchange dollars, ideas, and connections. The Market’s growth will be dictated by the businesses who comprise the network, partnerships with organizations and businesses already creating niches for black entrepreneurs and professionals in technology. 

I am a food vendor, what do I need to participate? 

Our events are comparable to farmers' markets, festivals, and other block party events. Just like those, you'll need 

(1) a food license to sell in Minneapolis (this could be Cottage Food Registration, Seasonal Food Vendor Permit, or food truck). 

(2) current liability insurance

(3) an ST-19 Form 

If you are unsure of any of these, please contact or

Where will the other events take place?

TO-BE-DETERMINED! Stay tuned...

What am I expected to bring? 

All vendors are asked to provide their own: 

  • Tent and tables with weights (see above)

  • Merchandising items

  • Sign clearly listing your business name

  • Compostable beverage and food wares are required by the City of Mpls for sampling and serving

  • Packaging materials and bags for sales

  • Checkout items (change float, card reader, receipt paper, etc)

  • A copy of your food vendor permit

  • 100ft of commercial quality extension cords, should electricity be required

  • Handwashing station, filled with warm water, two buckets, thermometer and hand soap